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Google Ads offers a quick and effective form of digital advertising that places your business in Google search results for the keywords your potential clients are searching for in Wellington or around New Zealand. Running an effective search campaign requires a level of experience and analytical knowledge, as well as ongoing time investment. 
Your ads are triggered by keywords that you choose and you can determine how much each click is worth (Cost Per Click). This level of control and targeting is why Google Ads can be one of the highest return on investment mediums available if run effectively.
We offer Wellington Google AdWords Management to a wide range of industries and can provide effective PPC management for any businesses operating in the greater Wellington region.

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Google Ads

There are a wide range of options for managing your campaigns; from the cheap management companies, to the large corporate organisations that will manage multiple businesses within the one industry with (often) hidden management fees.
At SimplySEO, we understand the importance that ongoing Google search placement plays in ensuring ongoing leads to your business. We will work with you to understand where your strongest opportunity is in the online environment, make a recommendation on how to attract the ideal client, and follow it through with digital advertising campaigns that deliver.
Extensive monthly reporting ensures you understand both the market opportunities and areas of escalating cost, allowing you to ensure your digital marketing is always aligned with your current business goals.
With SimplySEO managing your Google ad campaign, you can focus on your business, not generating leads for it.

Google Ad Management Pricing

We offer everything from small Google AdWords management packages through to larger bespoke AdWords pricing models.  

All plans are based on the time invested & have short contract terms to give you the flexibility to see the difference we offer without being tied in. 

We offer 3 set monthly base pricing options for the management of your advertising as well as the custom solution. 

Google Ads: Set-up Fee*

6 Month Contract: Free of Charge
3 Month Contract: $99 +GST
No Contract Term: $199 +GST
*Additional charges may apply for extensive multi-region targeting or International Campaigns

AdWords Basic Management

Our basic ad management package is for those just starting with search advertising, or with specific targeted goals. 

It provides you with regular campaign refinement and a simple to understand monthly report.

Price: $250 +GST p/Month
Ad Spend: $300 – $699 Media Spend p/Month
Time Investment: 2.5 hours p/Month
Reporting Level: Basic Monthly Report

AdWords Advanced Management

Our advanced AdWords package is for businesses looking to take their campaign to the next level. It provides detailed monthly reporting and extensive refinement to maximise performance.

Price: $340 +GST p/Month
Ad Spend: $700 – $1,500 Media Spend p/Month
Time Investment: 5 Hours p/Month
Reporting Level: Extensive Reporting & Analysis

AdWords Pro Package

The AdWords Pro package is for those larger nationwide campaigns, high competition industries or International Campaigns. Receive the benefit of regular meeting and updates on the campaign performance throughout the month. 

Price: $450 +GST p/Month
Ad Spend: $1,500+ Media Spend p/Month
Time Investment: Extensive
Reporting Level: Bespoke Reporting & Analysis

Custom Management

Suited to the organisation with a large Google AdWords spend or multiple business entities and campaigns. Tailor made to suit your needs and can be structured in conjunction with an SEO package to raise your overall Google profile. 

Price: As Required
Ad Spend: Minimum $2,000+ Media Spend p/Month
Time Investment: Subject to Project
Reporting Level: Bespoke Reporting & Analysis

How do Google Ads work?

With Google Ads you pay per click (PPC) to your website, rather than for just appearing in search results.

We help select the Keywords that your clients use when looking for your services, and are only charged if someone visits your website.

This works in an Auction format with buisnesses bidding on keywords.

Why should you use Google Ads?

If you want to appear high on Google for the products or services you offer, this is the quickest way to the top.

With the ability to control what words you appear for and how much you will pay for that traffic, Google Ads can provide the quickest results for businesses that can afford to spend advertising dollar to attract their ideal client.

How much do Google Ad's Cost?

The media investment level is controlled by setting a daily average budget.
This daily budget removes the risk of advertising expenditure blowing out unexpectedly. Actual spend each day will vary above and below the average budget, however will balance over the course of the month.

Who is the best organisation to manage my Google Ads?

If you are looking for a cheap solution then there are many digital marketing start up’s which can offer cheap Google Ad Management.

Unfortunately many of these companies lack the experience to critique their campaigns and invest minimum time in ongoing management outside of basic automated recommendations.

Larger organisations can provide an experienced hand to set up the campaign and start generating results. The challenges with larger organisations is that you are often one of many clients (some in the same industry) that they manage each month.
These AdWords Management Companies often come with large fees (often 30-45% of total spend) as well as limited records of time actually invested in the ongoing success of your campaign.

At SimplySEO we are a little different. We only take on a small number of clients at any one time, to ensure that every campaign has the time invested in them to ensure their ongoing success. No lengthy contracts means if we don’t generate results, you aren’t locked in.
If you are looking for expert Google AdWords Management in Wellington and want to see the best return for your advertising investment give us a call today.

Our Google AdWords Management fees are set based on the time investment required each month, not just taking a percentage of what you are investing. This allows you to regulate the investment level based on your results.

Frequenty Asked Google AdWords Questions:

Over our time of managing advertising campaigns there are a number of common questions we hear. Below are a small section of questions and answers to try answer some of the many questions you may have. If there are other things you would like to know, please feel free to reach out and we will happily give you advice free of charge (within reason).

Yes. Anybody can run a Google AdWords campaign even without passing the Google Exams or being a Google Partner.

Google offer platforms that simplify the process such as AdWords Express. This will allow you to select the words that matter to your business and start appearing in auctions overnight!
Be Warned: 
Although anyone can run an AdWords campaign, understanding effective campaign management is not as straight forward. Many businesses that believe “Google AdWords doesn’t generate leads” have often simply run ineffective and poorly targeted campaigns.
If you choose to go this way, please ensure you are fluent in your understanding of CPC, Quality Score, Ad Rank & Ad Extensions.
Cheap Google AdWords management can start as low as $50-$100 a month. These providers often provide very little support or ongoing optimisation work around the campaigns. Although this might seem like a cheap way to have your AdWords managed, be aware, you will often get what you pay for.
Larger organisations are likely to charge a percentage of total spend.
If you want to invest $1,000 p/month on AdWords, they will likely expect $300-$400 of this to be in management leaving $700-$600 to go on the actual media spend.
Get ahead of your competition in by investing in a targeted AdWords campaign today and see the results.

The golden question. Google AdWords works on an auction model, simply meaning that you and your competitors are likely to be bidding on the same or similar keywords. Like a normal auction, the person who is willing to bid more than their competitors will win.

With Google advertising, there are additional factors (such as Quality Score) that influence your bid value and final ad rank.
Not feeling any more knowledgeable? The below factors are the most important things that will influence how much you will pay:
  1. How high do you want to place?
    1. The more you bid the higher in results you will place. 
    2. With 4 ads at the top of results, placing 1st or 4th will depend on how much you are willing to pay.
  2. How many competitors are bidding on that keyword term?
    1. The more competitors that are trying to ‘get to the top of Google’ for your keyword will influence how much you need to pay to beat them.
  3. How well built is your website and how much content about the keyword is on the page you are sending them to?
    1. The ‘Quality Score’ element is about how relevant your website is to the keyword.
    1. The more relevant content on the page you send traffic to, the higher your quality score is likely to be.
    2. This is where SEO becomes an essential part of your Google Advertising strategy.

Taking a simple approach, is your phone ringing? Are you receiving enquiries online?

As long as your website is generating some business before investing in AdWords, you should see an increase in enquiries by adding an advertising campaign as long as it is well targeted.
If you are receiving a lot of additional clicks, but business is not increasing there are a two likely reasons for this:
  1. Your website is not converting traffic into business. Website call to action and value propositions should be reviewed.
  2. Your AdWords provider is targeting ‘cheap’ keywords or bad placement in order to drive clicks that are browsers not buyers.
  3. Is your product/service a long sales cycle? If so you may need to support your AdWords with remarketing or similar reinforcing advertising solutions through the buying journey.
All of these situations can be addressed and it is very rare that people searching for a product or service are simply not buying. If you don’t believe you are getting the answers to your questions (or the provider is simply ignoring your concerns) then it is worth getting a second opinion.

This completely depends on your industry, product or service. 

Note this is the conversion rate once they arrive on your website, not the expected Click Through Rate (CTR) on your AdWords.

If you are a plumber, electrician, drain layer or any other trade you should expect a 7-14% conversion rate on average (although can be much higher). This is typically because people only search when they need the service, rather than simply browsing local plumbers.
If you are in a highly competitive industry where potential customers compare multiple providers, your website conversion rate may be more like 1-4%. Typically people compare 2-3 businesses when making a purchase which is why it is essential you promote your value proposition as strongly as possible.
If you operate an online clothing business or a product that a lot of people spend time browsing for before buying, conversion rates could be extremely low. Once again having a strong point of difference and a planned conversion path can increase conversion rates exponentially.
Every business is unique. Your website and the behavior of your clients requires evaluation and analytical evaluation to understand where things are breaking in your conversion cycle.

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