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We offer Wellington businesses a professional web design and build solution aimed at maximising your digital exposure. 
Many Wellington website designers can provide a nice looking website, however developing a website which is unique and effective at generating business takes more than simply designing something pretty. We include best practice base SEO into every website we build and offer additional search engine optimisation strategies for sites needing an added kick-start.  
Website Design

What you need to know

We offer everything from basic mobile friendly website solutions, to highly optimised and targeted websites backed with in depth seo planning and keyword mapping. Our websites provide an easy to use content management system (CMS), that allows our clients to easily update the text, images and other content on their website without having to pay for someone else to do it. We want to provide you with the knowledge and tools to manage your website content and truly own your online web presence.
Our focus is to understand your business and how people search for your products and services. From here we look to design and build a website which represents your company’s unique service offering and ranks well in search engines like Google.
With effective project management, access to graphic design services as well local Wellington support, you can rest assured of a professional result when you build a website with Simply SEO.
Responsive websites adjust the content and/or layout based on the device’s screen size. This ensures that your customers can easily see and access your website content regardless of the device they are using.
We use native responsive site builders that allow you to adjust your content on each device type to ensure the ability to adjust the experience your end users receive by device type. 
All sites that we build will look great on desktops, tablets and mobile phones by default without the need for a separate mobile website. 

As mobile device search continues to increase each year, search engines like Google continue to update their algorithms to ensure mobile users are provided the best possible experience. Websites that are not user friendly on mobile devices are therefore likely to perform worse in search results.

This means that if your website isn’t mobile friendly, it is likely you are missing out on reaching your target market from the moment they search for your product or service.

Base Website

This is a 1-5 page brochure style website suitable for smaller business or those with limited products or services to promote within the website.
This website offers an easy to use click and drag content management system (CMS) and will look great on mobile phones and tablets.
Hosted on Amazon Web Servers.
Website content (text & images) to be supplied or may incur additional costs.

From $1,499 +GST

Lead Bait Website

This is a 5-15+ page website with a focus on providing targeted landing pages for highly optimised page content and ad targeting.
This is the ideal solution to maximise lead generation from your website while retaining an easy to use back end and quick load times.
Hosted on Amazon Web Servers.
Website content (text & images) to be supplied or will incur additional costs.

From $2,200 +GST

Optimiser+ Website

The Optimiser+ site is a custom built solution with additional SEO allocation, content generation and ability to work in alternative content management systems.
This is the option that allows for extra on-page SEO work as part of the build. 
This is the ultimate solution for the business that needs to have a solid platform to push out competitors from search results.

From $4,000 +GST

Web Hosting Add ons

Our Base and Lead Bait websites are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and can not be hosted elsewhere. AWS are behind a large number of high profile sites and provide a robust and fast hosting solution. Implementing the new site with your current domain provider is also included as part of the service to ensure the hosting change is as easy as possible.
Alternate hosting and content management systems (CMS) can be used if required as part of a custom package. 
Prices include website hosting only and are subject to change with fluctuating currency conversion.
Monthly Hosting = $25 +GST per Month
Annual Hosting = $240 +GST per Annum

It is important to us that as well as looking great on all devices, your website is secure. To do this all of our websites come with the option of a current https security certificate added at no additional cost. 

As well as improving the safety of your website, this also supports helping your website rank higher in search results in Wellington or around the world. 
Your domain host (company you brought your domain name from) must be able to set up redirects at the domain level for this to be implemented effectively.
Web Development Process

10 Step Website Building Process

Initial Website Scoping

The first step in understanding the best website solution for your business is gaining a strong understanding of you products/services and the ideal clients you wish to attract. 

This step is often the most important for the success of the project as it will start to identify the prospects your website is targeting and identifying the keywords they may be searching for. Website design requirements and brand colours and other information will also be collected during this stage.

Keyword Research

Once we understand your business and know what you wish to achieve in the website build process, we will do our own research on what people search for on Google which relates to your products and services. 

By clearly mapping out search behavior we gain a better understanding of your target market and how competitive your industry is. This is essential in order to understand how much work is required in order to improve your website rankings (for existing sites) or to gain traction against the established competition.

Website Proposal

Now we have collected the information on your business and the market you operate in, we will put together an initial design recommendation based on website designs you like. This will also include a quote on the proposed website build and seek your approval to proceed. Getting this right is extremely important as it will be the basis for the rest of the website build.

Website Migration / Creation

Once you have agreed to the proposed layout and pricing, we can get started migrating content from your existing site or building the content for your new website. As well as existing images you are able to supply, we can also source stock images for you both from free stock image libraries as well as the option of purchasing premium images.

1st Draft Presentation

Once we have completed the initial content building stage, we will present the new website to you for your first revision round. This round will focus on the layout, design and content segmentation within the site. The essential elements to review during this stage is more around the general feel of the website rather the finer details around content as this will be addressed in the next step.

2nd Draft Presentation

The second revision round looks to review changes from step 5 as well as addressing the finer points of the worded content. This will be one of the last steps that will require input from the client and should be representing the final version of the site with only a number of smaller content elements to adjust.

Final Website Presentation

At this point the website design, content and presentation of the site should be in a state ready to go live. Any final adjustments and refinements are now processed so that you are completely happy with the website delivered and happy to set it live… But that’s not the end of the process for us…

SEO Fine tuning

We want to ensure that any website built by SimplySEO performs up to or above expectations. This is why we fine tune the SEO elements based on the final version of the website before publishing. This step can be the difference from being just another invisible website, or a website that generates valuable leads.

Website Activation

We are now ready to get your website live. We will work with you to communicate the required changes to your domain provider (the people you pay for your domain name) to get your website live. This is a relatively simple process as long as the domain name provider is responsive to your request.

Post Launch Checks

Just because your website is live, doesn’t mean Google knows it is there. As well as telling Google about your new site, we will also help you connect Google Analytics reporting so that you can see what is happening with your website.

On top of this we will also monitor the keyword rankings and run a number of other checks that a lot of website designers and developers won’t usually both with. This is because we want to ensure your site is the best it can be and that there aren’t any additional elements that were not picked up when the site was not actively online.

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Jackson has done amazing things for our website SEO - really helping us bring more visitors to our site and increasing our organic ranking! Would definitely recommend working with him.
Elisha Watson
NZ Clothing
Jackson from SimplySEO has been a pleasure to deal with, straight up and honest which is what I like! Lifted our online presence and got our website preforming in organic search within the time frame quoted. Highly recommended!
Fraser Ray
IT Services
SimplySEO has done amazing work for our online Florist, growing our business with results we continue to see every month. Jackson is very professional, informative and affordable for a small business. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to grow their businesses online presence.